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NELK’s Co-Founder Kyle Forgeard Net Worth: How Much Is He Really Worth?

Kyle Forgeard, one of the co-founders of the popular YouTube channel NELK, has become a significant figure in the world of online entertainment and social media. Known for their outrageous pranks, viral videos, and unique brand of comedy, NELK has garnered millions of followers and substantial financial success. But just how much is Kyle Forgeard really worth? In this article, we’ll delve into the financial journey of NELK’s co-founder, exploring the various streams of income that contribute to his net worth, and providing a comprehensive look at his financial status.

Profile Bio for Kyle Forgeard

Full NameKyle John Forgeard
Date of BirthJuly 12, 1994
BirthplaceMississauga, Ontario, Canada
ProfessionYouTuber, Entrepreneur
Co-Founder OfNELK
Famous ForPranks, Viral Videos, Full Send
YouTube ChannelNELK
Subscribers (2024)Over 8 million
Estimated Net Worth$3 million – $4 million
Primary Income SourcesYouTube, Merchandise, Hard Seltzer, Sponsorships, Subscriptions
Popular MerchandiseFull Send Apparel
Special VenturesFull Send Hard Seltzer

Early Life and Beginnings of NELK

Kyle Forgeard was born on July 12, 1994, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. His early life was relatively unremarkable, characterized by a typical Canadian upbringing. However, Kyle always had a penchant for entertainment and comedy. He attended Ryerson University but eventually dropped out to pursue his passion for creating content full-time. This decision marked the beginning of what would become one of the most influential YouTube channels in the world.

In 2010, Kyle teamed up with Jesse Sebastiani, and together they founded NELK. The channel started as a small project but quickly gained traction with its high-energy pranks and controversial content. The name NELK is an acronym derived from the original members’ names: Nick, Elliot, Lucas, and Kyle. While the group has evolved over the years, Kyle has remained a central figure, driving the channel’s growth and success.

The Growth of NELK: From Pranks to a Media Empire

NELK’s rise to fame can be attributed to their fearless approach to content creation. Unlike many YouTubers who stick to safer, more advertiser-friendly content, NELK has consistently pushed the boundaries with their pranks and stunts. This approach has earned them a dedicated fan base and millions of subscribers. As of 2024, NELK has over 8 million subscribers on YouTube, with many videos reaching millions of views.

The channel’s success is not solely based on their YouTube ad revenue, which is notoriously inconsistent and often limited due to the nature of their content. Instead, NELK has diversified their income streams, ensuring financial stability and growth. They have launched a successful merchandise line, known as Full Send, which includes apparel, accessories, and even their own hard seltzer brand. The Full Send brand has become a cultural phenomenon, with fans eagerly purchasing new drops, often selling out within minutes.

Revenue Streams: How Kyle Forgeard Makes Money

Kyle Forgeard’s net worth is the result of various revenue streams, each contributing to his overall financial success. Here are the primary sources of income for NELK’s co-founder:

YouTube Ad Revenue

Despite the challenges associated with monetizing controversial content, YouTube ad revenue still plays a role in NELK’s income. With millions of views per video, even limited ad placements can generate substantial revenue. Additionally, YouTube’s Super Chat and channel memberships provide direct income from fans during live streams and exclusive content.

Merchandise Sales

Full Send merchandise has become a significant revenue driver for Kyle and the NELK team. Their apparel and accessories are highly sought after, with each release generating considerable sales. The success of their merchandise line has been instrumental in building their brand and increasing their net worth.

Full Send Hard Seltzer

In 2020, NELK launched their own hard seltzer brand, Full Send, capitalizing on the growing popularity of alcoholic seltzers. This venture has proven to be highly profitable, expanding their income beyond traditional media and merchandise sales. The brand’s success is a testament to NELK’s ability to innovate and adapt to market trends.

Brand Partnerships and Sponsorships

As influential figures in the social media space, Kyle Forgeard and the NELK team attract numerous brand partnerships and sponsorships. These collaborations often involve promoting products or services in their videos or social media posts. Given their large and engaged audience, brands are willing to pay a premium for this exposure.

Subscription Service

NELK has also launched a subscription-based service called the Full Send Club. For a monthly fee, members gain access to exclusive content, early access to merchandise drops, and other perks. This subscription model provides a steady stream of recurring revenue, further boosting Kyle’s net worth.

Estimating Kyle Forgeard’s Net Worth

While exact figures are difficult to pinpoint due to the private nature of financial information, various estimates can be made based on available data and industry standards. As of 2024, Kyle Forgeard’s net worth is estimated to be between $3 million and $4 million. This estimate takes into account his share of NELK’s ad revenue, merchandise sales, hard seltzer profits, brand partnerships, and subscription service income.

YouTube Ad Revenue and Platform Earnings

Given NELK’s substantial viewership, YouTube ad revenue alone can generate significant income. On average, YouTubers earn between $2 and $5 per 1,000 monetized views after YouTube takes its cut. Considering NELK’s high view counts, this can amount to tens of thousands of dollars per video. Additionally, Super Chat donations during live streams and revenue from channel memberships add to their platform earnings.

Merchandise and Full Send Hard Seltzer

Merchandise sales and the Full Send hard seltzer brand are likely the most lucrative aspects of Kyle’s income. Limited edition drops and the exclusivity of Full Send products drive high demand and substantial profits. The hard seltzer market is also booming, and Full Send’s popularity has positioned it as a strong competitor in the industry.

Brand Partnerships and Sponsorships

Brand partnerships and sponsorships offer another significant income stream. Companies are eager to partner with influencers like Kyle Forgeard, who can reach millions of engaged fans. These deals can range from a few thousand dollars for a single post to much larger sums for long-term collaborations.

Subscription Service

The Full Send Club subscription service provides a reliable source of recurring revenue. With thousands of subscribers paying a monthly fee, this service significantly contributes to Kyle’s net worth. The exclusive content and perks offered to members also help maintain subscriber loyalty and attract new members.


Kyle Forgeard’s net worth reflects the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach that he and the NELK team have brought to the world of online entertainment. From their humble beginnings on YouTube to building a multifaceted media empire, NELK has demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt and thrive in a competitive industry. As they continue to expand their brand and explore new ventures, it is likely that Kyle’s net worth will continue to grow.

The success of NELK and Full Send serves as an inspiration to aspiring content creators and entrepreneurs. By staying true to their unique vision and consistently delivering engaging content, Kyle Forgeard and his team have carved out a niche in the digital landscape. As they navigate the ever-evolving world of social media and entertainment, one thing is certain: Kyle Forgeard’s financial journey is far from over, and the future holds even greater potential for growth and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Kyle Forgeard’s estimated net worth?

Kyle Forgeard’s net worth is estimated to be between $3 million and $4 million as of 2024, considering his various income streams such as YouTube ad revenue, merchandise sales, the Full Send hard seltzer brand, brand partnerships, and subscription services.

2. How did Kyle Forgeard and NELK start?

Kyle Forgeard co-founded NELK with Jesse Sebastiani in 2010. The channel began with high-energy pranks and controversial content, quickly gaining traction and growing into a significant YouTube presence.

3. What are the primary sources of income for Kyle Forgeard?

Kyle Forgeard’s primary income sources include YouTube ad revenue, merchandise sales through the Full Send brand, profits from the Full Send hard seltzer, brand partnerships and sponsorships, and subscription fees from the Full Send Club.

4. How successful is the Full Send merchandise line?

The Full Send merchandise line is highly successful, with each release generating significant sales. The apparel and accessories often sell out quickly, contributing substantially to Kyle Forgeard’s net worth.

5. What is the Full Send Club, and how does it contribute to Kyle’s net worth?

The Full Send Club is a subscription-based service offering exclusive content, early access to merchandise drops, and other perks. It provides a steady stream of recurring revenue, significantly boosting Kyle Forgeard’s net worth.



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