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What’s in My Bag: Wedding Edition 

Meta Description: Navigating through a wedding is no small feat. From snacking to last minute touch-ups, discover your bag’s must-have essentials to be prepared for any situation!

Receiving and opening a wedding invitation invokes both fear and excitement. It’s a different kind of feeling. Of course, everyone loves attending weddings, and why shouldn’t you? They’re always so fun. But these desi weddings have a knack for going overboard. 

Everyone gets so carried away with all the fun, and these events tend to last hours. Amidst all the chaos and craziness, the perfect bag is essential. If you are looking for a bag that complements and enhances your outfit, try exploring different collections such as western dresses available in markets and designers near you. 

It is not only about finding the right bag for the wedding. What you choose to pack in it is equally crucial. Because as much as we enjoy a good wedding, it can be hectic. So having the right essentials in your bag can make all the difference, whether you’re winging it for the first time or are a pro. Here are the top five essentials you need when planning to attend a wedding.

Prepare for Any Situation 

A wedding is an all-hands-on deck kind of a thing where you can be thrown into any kind of situation. Be ready for the unexpected by having a small emergency kit with you with all the essentials like hairpins, band-aids, safety pins, breath mints and pain relievers. 

Sometimes you have a wardrobe malfunction and may need a quick fix. A mini sewing kit will save you from an embarrassing episode. Sometimes, stains are just inevitable. They somehow always find a way to your outfit at a wedding. So, carrying a stain removing pen can tackle these annoying stains. Having this kit with you will give you a sense of assurance.     

Fuel for the Celebration  

Weddings are indeed joyous affairs, but at the same time, they can be very energy-draining. In all the highlights of the event, it is super important that you maintain your energy levels. Pack a few of your favourite snacks, like nuts or granola bars. Have a little snack when those hunger pangs strike.

Ensure you don’t pack any perishable snacks. Keep your bag safe from a spoilage event. Make sure you are carrying a compact water bottle so you can stay hydrated throughout the festivities of the day. You will realise the importance of this, especially in outdoor ceremonies or in the warm weather.  

Touch-Up Essentials 

It’s critical to maintain your look throughout the ceremony. This can prove to be a challenge as these ceremonies tend to last hours. This is exactly why packing a few touch-up essentials is crucial for a guaranteed fun event. Keep a compact mirror so you can have quick makeup checks and make adjustments accordingly. Never forget your trusted companion, your lipstick or lip balm.

Always go for a quick touch-up after having the wedding cake or any food. There is no need for you to turn into a shiny being after a few hours. Keep some blotting paper or pressed compact powder to make sure your skin doesn’t get too oily. With these essentials within arm’s reach, you will remain camera-ready from dusk till dawn.

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Staying Fresh and Comfortable 

Weddings often get a little emotional. If you’re one of those people who get emotionally overwhelmed and sheds a tear or two at weddings, make sure you always pack tissues or a handkerchief. Pack some personal care items in your bag to ensure that you’re feeling your best. Keep a travel-sized deodorant stick and your favourite perfume’s atomizer to keep feeling fresh all day long.  

Capturing Memories Uninterrupted 

One essential that is never to be overlooked when packing for a wedding is your phone charger. Nothing drains your phone’s battery like capturing memories. A dead battery is the last thing you need. To ensure a seamless capturing of the heartfelt moments, keep your charger close by so you can easily charge your phone and gear back up. An even easier option is to keep a power bank with you. No need to go off looking for a socket or leave your phone unattended.  


To sum it all up tote bags for women are their secret weapons. It doesn’t matter what setting you are in; your bag can be your lifesaver if you meticulously pack essentials according to the occasion you’re attending. Weddings are no different. Celebrate love confidently! 



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